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Frisian clocks - Frisian clock repair material
We are the only manufacturer and wholesale company of original Frisian clocks parts in the world
and supply all parts for restoring antique clocks as well as for building new Frisian clocks.
Besides our specialty Frisian Clock parts we supply Hermle movements, clock keys, clock oil, books, RW77 etc...
We send clock repair material worldwide.

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Friesische Uhren - Ersatzteile für Friesische Uhren
Wir sind der einzige Hersteller und Großhandelsunternehmen von Originalteilen für die Friesische Uhren
der Welt und liefern alle Ersazteile für die Wiederherstellung von antike Uhren sowie für den
Bau neuer Friesische Uhren. Wir senden Reparaturmaterial weltweit.

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The origin of the longcase clock.
Morpurgo writes about what he calls the most noble of horological discussions, namely the origin of the longcase clock. He comments that the Dutch claim this type of clock to have sprung from an English origin, while the English claim it to be from a Dutch one. There is of cause the fact that the London-based clockmaker from Flemish ancestry, Ahasuerus Fromanteel I , send his oldest son John to work for half a year in Coster's workshop, immediately after the invention of the pendulum clock had been revealed. Within the same year, the Fromanteel workshop in London was producing pendulum clocks and longcase clocks. Some authors also point out the severe 'Hague style' of the early English longcase clocks, such as those by Fromanteel. On the other hand, English clockmakers moving to Holland, like Ahasuerus Fromanteel and his two oldest sons (John and Ahashuerus II) or his pupil Joseph Norris could easily have introduced this novelty from their home country. The By the way, Morpurgo (of Italian descent) however concludes his remarks with the view that the longcase clock has Italian roots. The oldest known Dutch longcase clock is signed by the fine instruments maker of the Leyden university, Anthonius Hoevenaer, dated c.1675-1685. (Thus about a quarter of a century later than the oldest known example by A. Fromanteel from c.1660 in the commemorative exhibition 'Horological Masterworks.')
source www.antique-horology.org by Pier van Leeuwen curator of the Museum of the Dutch Clock

In an era of Internet, electronics, speed, hurry, fast food and disposable products, people are always looking for harmony and beauty. Clocks are emotion, because of their beauty, their constant ticking of the time or their striking but also because they remind you of a beautiful clock at home long ago. Frisian clocks are a rare and beautiful combination of technology, ingenuity and beauty. They are all created by their makers in the past with great care and attention. Created for eternity.

Different types of Frisian Clocks. * Stoelklok * Staartklok * Kortstaart (Staartklok with a short tail) * Burgemeestersklok (Major's staartclock with an extended hood) * Notarisklok (notary clock) * Schippertje (shipper's clock)

The original models are all driven by a single weight on a endless loop, runtime max. 30 hours. Please note there are many postwar replica clocks with modern german movements with 2 (bim/bam) or 3 (westminster) weights.

The Stoelklok
The imposing Stoelklok form originated back in the early 1700's and is distinguished by its elaborate lead cast fretwork crown (because it is lead it is very soft and bends very easily - be aware!!), and it may be adorned with a crown "jewel" which is typically a small painted figure, emblem, crest, etc. At some point it became almost standard to include painted mermaids on either side of the wood casing. The Dutch Stoelklok means "Stool Clock" or "Seat Clock" in that the elaborately pillared movement sits firmly upon a single stool/seat built into the case.

The Staartklok
The more restrained Staartklok came later on in the late-1700's; the fancy lead fret work is gone. The main ornamentation typically consists of brass figures above the hood (it seems those mermaids have been sent back out to sea here). The brass adornment figures may have been an influence of the Zaanse clocks (see below) which, ironically, are most likely based on the Stoelklok. In Dutch, the word Staart means "Tail" which refers to the clock's longer wooden case backing and sliding tail cover which encases the pendulum, though the swinging bob is usually seen through a glass lenticle built into the cover. Many of its details certainly suggest a radical direction away from its predecessor, the "Stoel" form. There are many variations of the basic Staartklok: a "Major's Clock" called the Burgemeesterklok (which I just love to say over & over again! - preferably with a Oomp pah pah, Oomp pah pah beat). A shorter tailed clock called the "Kortstaart". An office clock called the "Notarisklok", and my favorite Dutch name for a clock: the "Schippertje" or "Little Sailor".
source www.steeplechaseclock.com

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